Phiane Duquet, Canada

Latest participant to sign up for the World Championship in Massage 2022 in Copenhagen is Phiane Duquet from Quebec, Canada. She is one of the Pioneers who participated online at the World Championship in Massage 2021. IMA has asked her to tell about herself. 

My name is Phiane Duquet (Nhotpasa), I was born in Laos, grew up in France and live in Canada, having both citizenships and my heart flies between these beautiful countries. I am a facialist artist and a holistic massage therapist specialized in KOBIDO®, “the ancient way of beauty”, based on the traditional Japanese medicine. I have presented the KOBIDO® online course supported by my master Dr Shogo Mochizuki, at the international teacher contest organized by IMA, where I have won among the students of the course for best video teaser about the art of teaching KOBIDO®.
I have the honor to be named as one of the six official instructors of KOBIDO® in 2021 by the Master of the 26
th generation of The House of KOBIDO® from Japan, Dr Shogo Mochizuki. Like IMA, KOBIDO® is a trademark, my duty is to protect the name and its spirit by letting people know about the authenticity of the ancestral Japanese heritage. 

The IMA Approved online International Teacher Basic and Advance Course is a great opportunity for me to fine-tune my knowledge about five stars services and marketing in order to meet my guests’ needs.
I have chosen to take the course in order to learn more about the art of teaching adults and how to bring the best asset with new technologies such as eLearning and what a teacher should know to evaluate fairly. 

– This fun adventure has brought great results during the pandemic with the online self- massage workshop activities that I have launched as a spa owner.
– Thanks to the course, my spa has also been chosen as finalist of one of the top five spas of America 2021 by The World Spa and Wellness Awards at Excel London. 

– At the IMA Video competition at the World Championship in Massage 2021, I have won a silver medal in the wellness-body category, thanks to my signature massage technique of La Gestuelle Yin-Yang®️ (Yin-Yang Gesture), an ancestral wisdom applied to the art of healing in massage.
– I also have won a gold medal for the Wellness -Face category at the online Massage World Cup 2021, a partner of IMA. 

– Spa Phiane Inc, as a massage school has been invited by Resorts and Spas through The World Wellness Adventure to showcase the art of hospitality, authenticity, kindness, sustainability, eco-tourism, eco-spa, green spa, maximum use of local products and exchange of know-how to contribute to the advancement of the wellness sector. 

With the Spa Natural Center in Punta Cana, I have participated in the humanitarian mission to inspire women in need through the profession of massage therapy.
This mission is sponsored by The International Airport of Bavaro and the University of Santo Domingo.

The knowledge behind The IMA Approved online International Teacher Basic and Advance Course is just amazing to level up your skills and achieve your goal in many ways! 

I am also assigned as ambassador of the World Wellness Weekend of Quebec 2021-2022 to showcase the Province of Quebec/ Canada, thanks to the talents of their artisans of wellness. The aim is to highlight wellness for all and by all, a mission in line with The United Nations, organized by Jean-Guy De Gabriac. This hearty mission that brings together some willing people to make a difference is supported in Quebec and Canada by The Quebec Minister of Health, the Minister of Labour and Solidarity, the Minister of Innovation and Economic Development, the Minister of Tourism and the associations of massage therapy, RMQ, AQTN, RITMA.

I invite you all to participate in The World Wellness Weekend, an enthusiastic event supported by IMA. 

For me, participating in the World Championship in Massage is a great privilege to contribute to the advancement of our sector and to be part of passionate and talented therapists, who share with benevolence their expertise and knowledge and who value clean friendship to make a difference with a higher alternative of openness. 

I will represent Quebec, Canada by participating in the category of the Wellness Facelift Massage. I am proud to present L’œuvre de beauté® (the beauty work of art) my signature technique inspired by the art of Kintsugi, a blend of meditation and South-East Asia traditional dance using my high frequency sacred oil L’œuvre de beauté®. 

All my gratitude to my Masters, who let me shine in their light and not keep me hidden under their shadow: Master Patrick Burensteinas, Master Shogo Mochizuki, Master Mantak Chia, Master Patryck Aguilar and my ancestors.

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The International Massage Association and our sponsor Lemi look forward watching Phiane Duquet skills in Copenhagen June 2022.

Phiane Duquet at IMA’s Hybrid World Championship in Massage 2021
Phiane Duquet Best Massage Promotion nomination