Peter Baumann, Germany

Latest massage therapist to sign up for the World Championship in Massage in Copenhagen, Denmark this June is from Germany. IMA has asked him til tell about himself:

My name is Peter Baumann, I am a professional wellness specialist. My training started a few years ago on a private basis until I finally put it in professional hands in 2016. Since then I am a self-employed wellness masseur for mobile massages and since 2017 I am also working in the Limestherme Aalen, a thermal spa in Aalen/Germany, in the spa area as a freelance wellness professional. Meanwhile I have a permanent employee and 2 freelancers.

Listening, empathizing and understanding my guest is the basis for my massages. I attach great importance to tranquility and relaxation – my guests should be able to escape from everyday life for at least a few moments while they are with me. Hectic, acrobatics and excessive exertion should be avoided as much as possible. 

For all problems there is also the gentle way in the massage world. I can split a rock with dynamite, or with many gentle drops of water – I prefer to be the drop of water than the dynamite!

My skills range from wellness massages, aroma oil massages, hot stone massages, foot and hand reflex massages, cupping massages, head massages incl. reflexology, facial massages eastern and ayurvedic, herbal stamp massages western and ayurvedic, Lomi Lomi Nui, full body scrubs incl. massage, ayurvedic massages, etc. 

In addition, I love aromatherapy and am both a massage and Reiki teacher and try to pass on my love for my profession and people. 

“Put a seed of love into the world, that it may reproduce and spread”. 

My goal is for each of my guests to leave my massage room with a smile – otherwise I have not done a good job! And: the most important massage in my life is always the next massage!

You can find my homepage here

My training took place at TaoHealth in Stuttgart and at Terramedus in Munich, among others.

The International Massage Association look forward watching Peter Baumann skills at the World Championship in Massage June 17-19 in wonderful Copenhagen.