World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Paris Siolos, Greece

Latest participant at the World Championship in Massage 2019 in Copenhagen is Paris Siolos from Greece. IMA has asked him to tell about himself.

My name is Paris Siolos. I am from Greece and I live in beautiful city of Ioannina. 

My passion for the massage and therapies inspired me every time at my work and my life! After my participant at the European Massage Championship 2019 I look forward to my next challenge the World Championship in Massage June 22-23 in Copenhagen. 

I have studied physical education, MSc special needs, sports injury specialist and qualified massage therapist at different type of massage. Over 15 years I stared to work as massage therapist in spa hotels and then as the founder of ”SEA SPA treatments”. 

Now I teach at high school as a physical education teacher and also as specialized massage therapist at seminar courses all over Greece. I work by self with professional athletes and wellness facilities.

I specialize in alternative therapies of sport injuries, sport massage, deep tissue, Swedish and relaxing anti-stress massage. 

Since 2018 i was been elected president of the Greek Scientific Institution of Alternative Therapies, Massage and Exercise.

In my participant I present my personal ”Freestyle and Body Work, Paris Siolos method” also the second category that I will choose are Swedish Massage with a touch of  sport massage therapy!

I would like to wish good luck to all participants!Εναλλακτικές-Θεραπείες-Massage-Therapy-227954440873672/

The International Massage Association look forward watching Paris Siolos skills at the World Championship in Massage.