World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Nadine Stark Chognon, France

Latest Massage Therapist to register the World Championship in Massage is the French Massage Champion 2022 Nadine Stark Chognon. She is also a Silver medal winner in Sports massage at the 2022 European Massage Championships. IMA has asked her to tell about herself:

I am a Business manager, massage therapist, wellness coach, sports educator, yoga teacher. I do not totally define myself through these different functions but they have made me who I am today, they give me the experiences that my curiosity and my thirst for understanding others and therefore myself need. The massage, the touch is essential and allows me to enter into the feelings of the person through their skin, their muscles, their fascias and to learn to read the human body! I enrich myself with each massage, for 39 years with always so much happiness and passion. At the French championship I presented the Stark Ball Massage, the result of hundreds of massages and a good number of training sessions throughout my professional life, and my need to go to the heart of the movement to adapt it to the body as a fitted and soft garment.

I was trained at the European School of Beauty in Strasbourg for the aesthetic CAP obtained in 1983 and I have trained many times in various massage techniques since then. I worked in various structures such as hotel spa, thalasso, urban spa and finally my own company. I am also a massage trainer, with my own protocols.

The STARK.Ball.Massage

The use of balloons allows me to choose the tension I want at the muscular, fasciatic, tendon but also skin level. So I can, for example, massage a muscle whose fibers are totally relaxed, so a soft muscle, this “myofascial relaxation” will therefore allow me to relieve muscle tension, relieve pain, restore muscle elasticity and promote muscle recovery. During a massage, pleasant sensations are generated because sensory organs, under the skin, are subjected to more or less sustained pressure. These pressures can, depending on their depth, stimulate the energies of the meridians, release the adhesions of the various connective tissues, facilitate lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Here again, the balls are used to manage these different pressures by allowing the relaxation or stretching of the tissues but also by giving an underlying counter pressure. The ball allows security during stretching by preventing excessive amplitude and therefore the serenity of the receiver, who in fact remains relaxed. The balloons, placed under certain joints, help to relieve them and therefore to position the recipient optimally with regard to possible pain or pathologies.



The International Massage Association look forward watching Nadine Stark Chognon skills at the 6th World Championship in Massage in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark.

Participants at the World Championship in Massage
Nadine Strat is also nominated for Best Massage Promotion 2023