Nadia Mokaddem, Belgium

Latest Massage Therapist signing up for the 7th World Championship in Massage is Nadia Mokaddem from Belgium. The International Massage Association has asked her to tell about herself:

Hi wonderful massage therapists ! 

My name is Nadia, I’m half Belgian half Lebanese and I’ve been attracted to massage therapy since I’m 3 (supporting evidence ;)) and in the wellness industry since 2011.

I’m an eternal optimist and I strongly believe in the ‘mana’ which is like the “Chi” in Chinese Medicine but in a French Polynesian eye and for me massage is not a performance, it’s an experience. It’s about connection, feeling and emotion, mindfulness, openness and intention. 

I graduated from Peyrefitte Esthétique School in Lyon with a “Massage” specialty in Aix les Bains in 2013 / France –

I then moved to French Polynesia (Bora Bora) where I worked for 7 years at the Four Seasons Resort. My love for the Polynesian Massage made me craft my art over the years

This massage is inspired by the Polynesian culture, the flow of the waves is like a dance on the body that provides a deep relaxation while working on the muscular tensions.

My website :

My instagram :

I’ll be representing Belgium and looking froward to meet all of you inspiring massage therapists! 

The International Massage Association look forward watching Nadia Mokaddem skills at the World Championship in Massage in wonderful Copenhagen.