World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Malin Larsson, Sweden

Latest massage therapist to sign up for the World Championship in Massage 2021 in Copenhagen is Malin Larsson from Sweden. The International Massage Association has asked her to tell about herself:

I have been giving massages to my friends and family since I was ten years old and something I was completely  passionate about, but I never thought or knew that I could become a massage therapist and work as one full time. I decided to take the massage course in april 2003 because I fell down a staircase and damaged my back really badly. I went to the doctor who only gave me pills but after 2 weeks I had enough. My sister told me to go and fix my back at a chiropractor and it worked wonders, he fixed me in only 10 minutes. I said to the chiropractor, that this is what I want to become and help people, how do I do it? He said, “it takes 5 years in the university”. And I said, no, I do not have the urge to go back to school that long. Then he said the magic words, you can become a massage therapist! And the rest is history. Now 18 years later I have my own massage business and I work with it full time in the south east in Sweden, Ronneby and Emmaboda. 

I started my massage career in 2003 when I graduated from Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut as a Massage therapist in Stockholm. Axelsons | Nordens äldsta & största skola inom friskvård |Axelsons Institute
I got employed with a massage studio in Stockholm and was hired for a year. During this time I developed my own massage technique which I call PRO – Pressure Release Oxygen. This is a deep tissue massage that increases circulation and blood flow in slow deep movements, just as slow as every breath. This makes it easier for the client to relax and muscle tension and inflammation releases quicker. I start from the feet into the right leg on their calves and release the tensions, hamstring, TIT and glutes. When I do the PRO technique it only takes 1-4 breaths to release knots in the back, neck and shoulders. My treatments are usually 90 minutes long the first 4-6 treatments and after that 60 minutes long. 

This technique I developed when I worked in big companies in stockholm, because every single person wanted a “backrub” and after about a hundred clients, I threw a fit. After a while when I did their legs as well, I analyzed that it takes 1-4 breaths to release tensions and inflammations in the back, neck and shoulders if I do the legs first and if I only do the back, it take up to 30 breaths to release the knots and, it´s more painful for the client and the massage does´nt lasts more than a few days. With this technique, up to 7-10 days, blood flow wise. This is a great technique for me as well to rest and save energy, the client gets the maximum out of the treatment and I am actually resting in between. I am also using warmed up ecologic coconut oil as well. But usually I just give a massage right on clothes or on the blanket.    

In 2004 I decided to join the cruise line industry with a company called Steiner Transocean Ltd. Maybe you are recognized with it? It’s one of the world’s most famous companies that provides therapists on cruise ships around the world. I was with Steiner for 4 years and gave about ten thousands of people a massage, during those years. As we had 8 months contracts and we had about 50 clients a week. It was hard work, but it was so rewarding and that experience was insane. The best time of my life so far. 

Check out my Facebook page: (1) Hälsoplanen Massageterapi, Näring & Rörelse | Facebook
My business is not just massage treatments, I am also coaching in nutrition and physiotherapy. I am just now educating myself to become a yoga teacher and I practise yoga as well for strength and wellbeing. 
I am going to represent Sweden and I really really hope that we are able to come, let’s make 2021 the best year ever!  

IMA and our sponsor Lemi look forward watching Malin Larssons skills at the World Championship in Massage in Wonderful Copenhagen in June 2021.