Mahassen Al-Ajou, Palestine and Israel

Latest Massage therapist signing up for the 6th World Championship in Massage is Mahassen Al-Ajou. The International Massage Association has asked her to tell about herself:

Hi, my name is: Mahassen Al-Ajou, I represent both Palestine and Israel.

I’m a skincare therapist since 2011 and author of lifting face Massage, I believe that the skin is a good material to work with and we have to connect our skin to our soul through the therapist treatment “more we are glowing outside , more we have connections inside”. 

In through my work ,my clients,my experience I have two Moto that accompanying me 1 ” there is no machine that can change the energy (miracle) that we have in our hands (connection body to body)” .

2″every single treatment is special and dedicated for the special skin . And if I will see the same client 100 time it’s a different treatment and different skin every  

day. ” The massage that I do is lifting face Massage technique. 

I have taken clases in many schools and the technique that I use is a new technique that Born from all the study that I have passed all over the years. I graduate for the face Massage from:

1) Joseph lupione – kobido and deep face lifting (Instagram account):  

2) Yakov Gershkovich – sculpture face lifting level 1 and level 2 . (Instagram account): 

3) CJB spa and wellness academy – facial fusion CE Training Program (Instagram account):  

4) Access consciousness- access bars 

Link :

My social media:<sid=a46606bb-1014-4ae2-9c23-8ffb807f4a31

The International massage Association look forward watching Mahassen Al-Ajou skills at the World Championship in massage in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mahassen Al-Ajou also participates at the Best Massage Teaser 2023 Competition