Julie Lombe Belgium / Democratic Republic of Congo


Julie Lombe (38) is Belgian-Congolese.  She is a 8 years experienced massage therapist and she is also beauty and massage instructor.  Julie Lombé is an author, she has been published 3 ebooks and she use to write for her wellness blog and magazines.

She graduated in 2010 from the Ecole Européenne d’Esthétique (Belgium) and since then has been continually learning and evolving her technics in aestetic massages (slimming, firming, lymphatic) and wellness massages (african- , californian-, bamboo- , hot stones- and chair massage).  She is a certified member of Association Belge de Massage.  She is also certified international massage therapist from Sothys (France) and Africology (South Africa).

At the World Championship in Massage 2018 in Copenhagen, she will be proudly performing the MASSAGE CONGO, a free style signature massage inspired by different methods from all over the african continent and including wooden Rungus.  The Massage Congo brings deep energy and joy.  It relaxes the body and the soul and it makes the body fit (lymphatic drainage and firming of the skin).  Performing this massage is a fantastic opportunity to tell the world that Africa has much to offer to the wellness industry: healing philosophy, massage technics, natural products…

Julie Lombe and her Massage Congo will performe in both Free Style and Wellness Massage categories.

IMA look forward watching her skills.