World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


International Massage Teacher Course

Are you planing to teach others or are yo already a massage teacher, but wants to learn more? Then watch this podcast and read the below general information in order to sign up and become a great massage teacher.

International Teacher Class

GENERAL INFORMATIONInternational Massage Teacher

✅ The INTERNATIONAL TEACHER basic Course is the quintessence of our competencies.

We are a team of five specialists, each of whom is the best in his field:

🌀 Jeppe Tengbjerg (Denmark) – president of the International Massage Association

🌀 Ryan Hoyme (USA) – leading specialist in online training of massage therapists

🌀 Maria Filatova (Russia) – international expert on creating a service culture

🌀 Inga Radchenko (Russia) – industry psychologist, teacher of andragogy 

🌀 Andrey Syrchenko (Russia) – creator of SPASCHOOL international 

✅ The INTERNATIONAL TEACHER course is intended for

🌀 entrepreneurs in the field of helping and health-saving industries: hospitality, Wellness and fitness, healthcare, and any other business related to working with people

🌀 managers and owners of training centers, massage schools, corporate schools, professional development centers.

🌀 teachers of massage, osteopathy, yoga, Wellness practices, bath technologies, Spa and Wellness.

🌀 professionals who are just planning to start teaching or open their own school

✅ What is waiting you on the INTERNATIONAL TEACHER course:

* Online training. How, who and what can and should be taught online.

* International standards for evaluating massage techniques. Criteria of The International Massage Association.

* 5 * service culture. Creating an ideal atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness for your students and their clients.

* Laws of adult education.

* Conflict management strategies.

* Marketing of the school. How to promote yourself and your School

✅ As a result of completing the INTERNATIONAL TEACHER basic course you will get

🌀 knowledge of how to open a new training center

🌀 ability to upgrade the existing training center

🌀 knowledge how to attract a large number of students

🌀 improving the quality of education and intensifying the learning processes which will increase the profit of your school.

🌀 changing the nature of all internal processes  that will improve the emotional atmosphere of learning. Students will want to return to Your School again and again.

🌀 graduates of the INTERNATIONAL TEACHER basic course who successfully pass the tests receive

* certificate of completion of the course

* recommendations of the International Massage Association for 42 countries

* as well as special preferences for passing THE INTERNATIONAL TEACHER Master Course at the XII TOPSPAFEST


🔹 you get real cases of training centers on the example of the wellness industry.

🔹 you increase interdisciplinary flexibility and learning on the example of the successful algorithms from other industries.

🔹 your creative potential is renewed with creative energy.

🔹 you can reload your own tactical algorithms and update your company’s strategies.

✅ Tuition fee- rub  = appr. 200 euros (depending on exchange rate)


Jeppe Tengbjerg

the Founder and CEO of The International Massage Association (IMA). The International Massage Association organize and arrange the World championship in Massage Techniques in 2020 in Copenhagen and other tournaments.

The International Massage Association aim to develop and promote the various massage techniques which are practiced by experienced Massage Therapists worldwide.

The World Championship in Massage is primarily a competition, but at the same time an opportunity for Massage Therapists to find professional inspiration and networking.

On a daily basis Jeppe owns a massage school and have a franchise school in Denmark. They also educate therapists in acupuncture and reflexology.

The International Massage Association

Ryan Hoyme

Ryan Hoyme has been a massage therapist for over two decades, and worked in the health field for over three decades. 

He is internationally known as MassageNerd and has won many awards in the massage profession.  He first decided to start when one of his students called him that and started photographing his massage techniques and eventually videotaping them. 

Also, he has been inducted into the American and the Internationally Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. 

Ryan currently works for Allina Health and Mayo Clinic as a massage therapist. 

Ryan has taught in a classroom setting for 12+ years. and continues to teach continuing education classes around the world. He has a huge following on his social media accounts and continues to be a role model in the massage profession.

Maria Filatova

co-owner and managing partner of the RED* school of Service, RED* spa management consulting company, and FiveSPA spa catering company

20 years of experience in the luxury service business in Russia and abroad, including 5* international hotel chains and Spas: Rixos, The Ritz-Carlton, Heliopark, Letoonia

experience of opening a Spa from scratch and managing existing facilities: Rixos Royal Spa, HelioSpa, Elm Tree Spa, Five Spa, Riviera Hotel & Spa, Terra Spa Hotel

more than 6 years of experience in developing your own business: training in service and sales, project consulting, operational consulting and b2c projects under the FiveSPA brand

speaker and regular participant of Russian and international Spa conferences

founder and leader of the business-community Spa Leaders

recommended teacher International Massage Association (IMA)

Inga Radchenko

psychologist, industry psychologist, business psychologist and consultant

co-founder, author and lecturer in the School of Customer Manager

author, co-founder of “B&B community active for business”

head of educational projects in the field of business psychology and wellness psychology.

author and teacher of the course “Immersive Sales”

awarded the Anton Chekhov medal for “Spirituality and business»

Andrey Syrchenko

teacher of massage and Wellness technologies

head of SPASCHOOL international

expert of the National Federation of Massage therapists

expert of the International Massage Association

Spa&WELLNESS international Council expert

Certified judge of the World Massage Championship


All lessons are opened in your personal account based on the Moodle platform. All materials that you purchased are open to you for 3 months.

The course is not linked to dates. You can take lessons at your own pace.

The lessons are provided in video format and as text files. After each lesson, there is a test that will help you check the assimilation and understanding of the material. We give three attempts to pass the test. If you made mistakes, we recommend that you review the lesson one more time or reread the materials and take the test again.

After passing all the lessons and completing the tests correctly, you will receive a Certificate of completion of the course.

Homework assignments given by teachers are not mandatory for obtaining a Certificate. But we recommend that you do them in order to maximize the assimilation of all the knowledge and try it out in practice.

Immediately after purchasing the course, you are given access to the group in Telegram messenger, where you can ask the curator questions about any lesson or ask for advice from experienced students. Once every two weeks, we hold webinars for all students with teachers on the most common issues, complex situations and the application of knowledge in practice. Access to the group and webinars is open to all students at all times and is not restricted in any way.


Lesson 1. Massage training and massage evaluation. Jeppe Tengbjerg

What it takes to be a good teacher.

Why clients come for massage.

How to evaluate the treatment and give feedback.

Lesson 2. Androgogy – adult learning, development, and change. Part 1. Inga Radchenko

How adults learn

The goals of the teacher in learning, development and change of adults

Principles for implementing changes and skills to adults

Lesson 3. Androgogy – adult learning, development, and change. Part 2. Inga Radchenko

Pedagogical design and the role of conflict

Stages of pedagogical design

Two sources of conflict

How to get out of the conflict

Lesson 4. Service in your school. Part 1. Maria Filatova

What is the culture of five-star service? Basic principles of service culture. 4 ingredients of the five-exploration service

How do I provide the best service to your students? Preparation for training. Service support. The design of the class. Service during training. Service after training. NPS satisfaction index, how to measure.

Lesson 5. Service at your school. Part 2. Maria Filatova

How to train the service? 

Basic principles of Spa service. 3 main holistic principles. Impact on the 5 senses.

World standards of a five-star Spa. Standard of conduct. Standards of appearance. Standards for preparing the treatment room.

Lesson 5. Organization of eLearning for massage therapists. Ryan Hoym

What is eLearning? How to keep students engaged online.

The tools of eLearning. Online platforms. Applications. Services.

Working with materials. Texts. Video. Photo. Drawings. Presentations.

The creation of additional materials. E-book. Digital magazines. Games. Online test. Mailings. Surveys

Working with promotion tools. Social network. Podcasts. Blogs. Audio. Reviews.

Lesson 6. School Marketing. Andrey Syrchenko

The main thing in marketing. Goals of marketing communications. Target audience.

How to communicate. Monologue. Dialogue. Feedback.

Where to communicate. How to use media channels, maps, social networks, and search engines

When to communicate. How to build communication before, during and after training.

Communication errors. Something you don’t need to do. And what to do.

First Massage Teacher Class in 2019