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Touched: A Massage Story is documentary film about Jonathan Grassi’s journey to the World Championship in Massage and winning a medal, made by Filmmaker: Chandler Toffa.

Touched: A Massage Story unfolds the art of human connection through the hands of a massage therapist. The hands are ABMP member Jonathan Grassi’s, but they represent those of so many in our profession. Jonathan’s story—of hard work and perseverance, loss and disillusionment, healing and hope—reflects the story of many of his colleagues.

Touched: A Massage Story is a film that gives us an opportunity to bring much-deserved attention to our profession. Seasoned massage therapists who have seen the documentary say they’re inspired by it. New therapists say they’re encouraged by it, buoyed by the hope it brings them to work through the frequently difficult early years in our profession. Commonly, therapists who have viewed the film say it increases their commitment and passion for the profession.

Touched: A Massage Story can be a message of hope for all massage therapists. It can be an example of cultural awareness and human connection across the globe.

Jonathan Grassi, USA

Jonathan participated in the Freestyle category In 2018 in which he won a Bronze medal. It was only the 2nd time the International Massage Association hosted the World Championship in Massage. It was the same year Amazing Konstantina Makri from Greece won the overall title as World Massage Champion.

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