Global Cupping becomes Sponsor of the IMA

“It is with great pleasure that we can welcome Global Cupping as a sponsor of the International Massage Association’s World Championship in Massage 2022. Global Cupping is a key player in the Massage and acupuncture profession”.

  • Jeppe Tengbjerg (CEO and Founder of the IMA)

Global Cupping writes the IMA this:

Global Cupping Inc. is super excited to announce our sponsorship of the International Massage Association (IMA) and the World Championship in Massage.  Global Cupping is dedicated to providing our customers around the world with the absolute best Cupping products available on the market.  One of our primary goals at Global Cupping is to support organizations such as the IMA who work tirelessly to support the practitioners and the profession of Massage Therapy around the globe. 

We believe that the quality of your cupping products should never be a concern, which is why we carefully curate our products and ensure they are made from the highest quality material with no by-products or harmful additives.  Our selection of products have been handpicked because they are the best of the best!  At Global Cupping, we are…

  • Committed to Quality with an unmatched Satisfaction Guarantee
  • ​Committed to YOU and Helping You Grow Your Business
  • Committed to Cost Savings 

Global Cupping is offering an exclusive discount to all the participants at the World Championship in Massage. To get your discount code, please register at