Aire Ancient Baths becomes sponsor of IMA

AIRE spaces are temples dedicated to the relaxation of body and mind in which time does not exist. Inspired by the tradition of baths from ancient Roman, Greek and Ottoman civilizations, the AIRE Experience always takes place in restored historical buildings in the center of cities.

Taking water as the main element and creating an atmosphere of pure magic and sophistication around it, the AIRE Experience is complemented by a careful selection of massages and exclusive rituals.

The company AIRE Ancient Baths is currently present in New York, Chicago, Barcelona, Sevilla and very soon also in Copenhagen and London.

“It is with great pleasure that we can welcome Aire Ancient Baths as a sponsor of the International Massage Association’s World Championship in Massage 2019. Aire Ancient Baths is well known in the Massage, Spa and Wellness industry”. 

  • Jeppe Tengbjerg (CEO and Founder of the IMA)