World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Philippe Ferrer, France

Today, we have asked the next participant of the World Championship in Massage 2019 to introduce himself.

A big thank you to Mr Jeppe Tengbjerg for accepting my application for this fabulous meeting of the most passionate massage therapists in the world. 

My name is Philippe Ferrer and I will represent France – Category: Wellness Massage 

It reminds me of my time at ESALEN school south of San Francisco: After classes we could continue to work and express our techniques on tables located outside in the park. A marvelous experience to see massage therapists from around the world develop incredible techniques. My heart beat with the waves of the Pacific
At the WATPÔ school located in Bangkok, Thailand, I had the chance to follow the traditional massage training with Thai massage therapists with several years of experience in search of officially obtaining their degree requested by the state to practice in recognized places. I fed on their knowledge but also their humility.
My Thai training continued at: the old medicine hospital chiang mai
With Oleg, a Russian master in the realization of an intuitive and creative massage, I was able to discover methods to apprehend the body in new forms, they were for me a departure for the expression of the massages that I explore every day with passion by sharing it with my clients.
I continued my research in excellence by obtaining the title of “Best hands of France” in 2012 

Photographer of training in the field of jewelery and cosmetics, I discovered the universe of care and well-being multi-sensory, then I created my own Spa. 

The art of massage appeared to me as a revelation, from my hands I was then going to share the greatest emotions with people simply, just like the moments when I calmed my children any baby by massaging their back in holding them in my arms … 

Today installed in Lyon in my massage area, I have the privilege to express my passion and transmit it by teaching. 

I am honored to participate in this meeting to give the best of myself, to express and share techniques, to try to give a great feeling to each part of the body but also to the inner spirit, to create common emotions with people who will receive this massage. 

I will present an intuitive massage that will solicit every part of the body to restore their consciousness.
In depth at the muscular level, on the surface for the emotional side, in rotation and stretching to impart the joints and access to a total relaxation of the body. 

Surprise the body and wake it up. To reverse it, to raise it in a continuous massage. The result of the massage will only be worthwhile if the pleasure is shared. 

The International Massage Association look forward watching his skills at the World Championship in Massage 2019 in Copenhagen.