Eni Molnar, Switzerland/Monaco

Latest particpant to sign up for the World Championship in Massage 2022 is Eni Molnar from Switzerland. IMA has asked her to tell about herself: 

”Hi my name is Eni Molnar, I was born 42 years ago in Berlin and I grew up in Austria / Kitzbühel;

where at the young age of 15 I started my apprenticeship as aesthetician in a very famous Medi Spa.

Working there I was fast realizing that I was more into becoming a massage therapist than an esthetician. 

Two years after the apprenticeship I moved to Graz where I became “Heilmasseurin, Balneo-und Hydro Therapeutin” at the Drumbl Institute, which in Austria is a very well known Massage Academy.

(To know: I guess because of its title was confusing, some years ago the authorities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland they changed the title into “Medizinischer Masseur und Thermal Therapeut” what I guess in English is a Massage Therapist). 😉

At 19 I moved to Italy for an Italian Spa brand and I was working for them as a massage therapist and esthetician for many years “seasonal” in the most beautiful places, like Sardegna, Capri, Roma ecc…

At the age of 30 I accepted a job offer from the famous Daniela Steiner to work in her Leading Spa in Monte-Carlo, which was perfect at that time, because after many years of traveling it felt good to stay at a fix place.

In Monaco I was doing both, a was specializing in anti-aging facials and massages and I realized what amazing lifting results we can achieve with “well done” facial massages…

When I started to become overbooked only with my facial massage, (sometimes especially during summer time I was fully booked for 3 months!) there a realized the anti-aging approach was changing. 

Clients (woman and man) where coming back to natural lifting treatments instead of “too much” aesthetic medicine procedures. 

About my massage:

That was the moment where I decided to create my own lifting massage. 

I contacted a good friend of mine, an Italian plastic surgeon who teaches me everything. I had to know about face muscle anatomy and the function of each muscle.

So with my many years of facial-massage experience together with his surgeon-knowledge the “Sculpting Facelift” was born! 

The SCULPTING FACELIFT massage is an unique approach to natural rejuvenation and a manual correction of the face muscles and wrinkles.

It’s like “nature’s” answer to a plastic surgery. 

It’s a 50 minutes massage including décolleté, neck, face and a had massage based on 3 techniques: 

•Myofacial release: 

to release tight facial muscels 

•Sculptural massage:

to lift, firm and sculpt (especially the face contour)

•Buccal massage / sometimes also called intraoral massage: 

a technic where I’ll gently massage (with gloves) outside and inside the mouth to get better access to the cheeks and the jaw muscles. 

You’ll see the results directly after the first massage! 

The face a visibly more lifted, eyebrows and cheeks seems to be higher, the V-line is more defined and the lips are more plumped! 

To achieve the best results I always recommend a session of 4 to 6 massage once every 2 weeks and than a massage monthly to maintain. 

5 years ago I moved to my husband to Switzerland / Lausanne where I opened my own place “Medical Beauty Suite” and the first Facialist School in Switzerland the “Swiss Facialist Academy” where I also teach my massage techniques. 


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If you would like to know more, this is one of the articles they wrote in English:

Looking forward seeing all in Copenhagen! 

The International Massage Association look forward watching Eni Molnar’s skills at the World Championship in Massage 2022 in wonderful Copenhagen.