About IMA

IMA purpose and business terms

At The International Massage Association (IMA) we aim to unite people with a special interest in massage. We are therefore open to various national associations, special associations, massage therapy groups and various types of massage.

Besides offering the Massage Therapists the opportunity of competing at International competitions, The IMA also invite to seminars on the future of massage in an interdisciplinary collaboration worldwide.

The IMA is a private organization whose purpose is to:

  1. Provide advice and guidance to the National Associations
  2. Provide advice and guidance to the Special Associations
  3. Provide advice and guidance to the Massage schools and their workspaces
  4. Provide individual advice and guidance to Massage Therapists

Advice and guidance is free of charge.

How is the IMA run?

  1. The IMA is arranging International competitions and thereby charging a participation fee. Additionally from sponsorships.
  2. Should a National Association or a Massage School be interested in arranging a national Championship, approved by the IMA, an official cooperation will be established. The fee per participant is min 150 EUR (2017/2018) and 20% of this amount is paid to the IMA (minimum 500 EUR). If the Organizer finds a head sponsor, the Organizer can choose to pay a one time fee of 1000 EUR instead of the 20%, and is allowed to sign up as many participants as you wish. The Organizer is responsible for complying with the IMA concept and guidelines and are requested to contact the IMA in case of any doubts. The Organizer are responsible for all tasks in connection to the event.