World Championship Massage 2024

Next Championship June 28 – June 30 2024 in Copenhagen


Leo Fey, Germany

Latest Massage therapist participating at the International Massage Association’s World Championship in Massage 2022 is from Germany. The IMA has asked him to tell about himself:

Hello, My name is Leo Fey.

Currently, I am based in Berlin, Germany, where I run my successful massage practice, both in studio and home visits. Having undertaken multiple courses in Germany, Portugal, India and Thailand, I have harnessed all the body work tools and knowledge to formulate my own unique style of bodywork called Element Massage. 

I use techniques from Deep Tissue & Table Thai, Lomi Lomi & Esalen Massage, Hot Jade Massage & Acupressure, Lymphatic Massage & Abhyanga and Craniosacral Therapy.
After all the greatest teacher is the deep wisdom and intuition coming from our bodies which I love to integrate into my massages.
Through the combination of knowledge, intuition, curiosity and joy I find new possibilities of bodywork and touch unfold like a dance within each session, which have shaped me into the masseuse I am today.

Of course, the most fundamental aspects of bodywork is the people, and I deeply look forward to expanding my network of fellow body workers from all over the world and sharing inspiration and knowledge together.




The International Massage Association look forward watching Leo Fey’s skills at the World Championship in Massage in June in wonderful Copenhagen.

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