Ashley Evans, USA

Latest Massage therapist signing up for IMA’s 7th World Massage Championship in June 2024 is Ashley Evans from USA.

Ashley Evans’ love for people and wellness collided in 2013 and set her on a journey to become a Massage Therapist. Her passion and purpose was quickly recognized by her counterparts and instructors. Absorbing all the knowledge she possibly could in her 2 years of training, upon graduation in 2015, Ashley was the Valedictorian of her class. 

Ashley is a 5 time award winning therapist. Her practice is situated in beautiful South Flordia. Ashley is a mobile licensed massage therapist that has the honor of working with a vast variety of individuals. Ashley has worked in many different environments, such as but not limited to professional athletic tournaments, schools, hospitals, professional offices and does volunteer work for different non-profit organizations. Of all the environments she has worked in, Ashley’s favorite place is within the homes of her loyal and trusted clients. “My clients are an extension of my family. We support each other and show an incredible amount of loyalty and love. It’s an indescribable feeling to be entrusted with so many individual’s health and wellness.”

Ashley specializes in a variation of techniques, however her love for Deep Tissue/Sports really does stand out.  She has coined it Integrative Massage.  She incorporates different modalities to get the necessary results. Ashley is a naturalistic therapist that knows preventative care is more powerful than reactive care. Massage Therapy encompasses care for the mind, body, and soul. When this trifecta is in homeostasis, everything else in life falls into place. Ashley’s logic is that most people don’t know how good their body is designed to feel and she is committed to assisting them in taking control of their health and wellness. 

Ashley is dedicated to delivering the most effective massages possible, however when she is not practicing massage, she is coaching youth basketball. She loves staying active, but it’s all about building confidence in the kids. Once a child realizes success is on the other side of fear, everything changes. 

The beauty of this competition is embedded in one word: diversity. Ashley is excited to meet people from different countries, cultures, and  backgrounds. Mostly, she can’t wait to see the different modalities and techniques from this unique group of people. 

Educated from: Institute of Health and Technology Jackson previously known as Healing Touch Career College (no website is available)

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The International Massage Association look forwards watching Ashley Evans skills at the World Championship in Massage in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark in June.