Sergii Mazunin, United Kingdom

Latest massage therapist to sign up for the World Championship in Massage is Sergii Mazunin from United Kingdom. IMA has hasked him to tell about himself:

My is Sergii Mazunin. 

I have been working as massage therapist for the last 15 years. 

I finished medical collage in 2006. 

The tutor of anatomy and pathology in this collage was running the massage school teaching a therapeutic massage and I finished his 6 month massage course in 2005. 

After the course, I started to practice the massage at local hospital at neurological department helping patients to recover after different neurological disorders. After graduating from the college, I had also started to work as paramedic in private ambulance. 

Few years after, I moved to Kiev from my native town. 

I was inspired by some western schools in annual exhibition in Kiev and started learning Ayurvedic massages. I have finished several massage courses for Ayurvedic and Polynesian massages 

I had been working as Ayurvedic massage therapist for 3-4 years in few spa in Kiev. 

After that, I wanted to improve my knowledge and skills in treating different musculoskeletal issues and I found some private clinic that was specialising on that and started working there . It was well know clinic that had range of services to help people treat and recover after different spine and joint issues .

I had been working there for the 6 years in team with chiropractic doctors. My main responsibilities included performing medical massage using multiple massage techniques as well as physical therapy, as well as providing intravenous and inta muscular injection and machine physiotherapy like ultrasound, electro therapy , magnetic etc. Please find their website below:

Treating patients with various medical conditions helped me a lot to obtain a priceless experience and bring my massage technique to the high level. 

I moved to London, UK in 2014 and confirmed all my diplomas and Ayurvedic certificates. 

I opened my massage practice in 2015.  It was a new challenge for me and for my massage techniques when I started to work as self employed and the whole treatment process and results started to depend on me only. I have not had help of colleagues chiropractors and different physio equipment. 

However, over a few years I realised the valuable experience I got working as Ayurvedic therapist and as medical massage therapist would work very well in combination with each other. I started to combine two approaches of west and east in helping people with physical and emotional problems. 

I was hesitating which category to choose western inspired or eastern inspired:) because these two approaches work in me all the time. 

However, I still feel that western approach to treat different musculoskeletal issues is dominant in me:) 

My massage practice got multiple award since 2016 including top rated venue 4 years in a row according to the leading health and beauty marketplace platform Treatwell. 

I use Ayurvedic oils for all my massages. I found cupping and kinesiotaping to be very effective modalities in my therapies . I also incorporate different breathing techniques. 

I am passionate about massage and helping people and I would be happy to share my technique with wide world  community of other therapists. 

2) From where did you graduate as a massage therapist? (please write name of schools and websites)

Aveo, school of massage 2005 , Bila Tserkva, Kiev district , Ukraine

3) A link to your website and social media sites (if you have any of these)




The International Massage Association look forward watching Sergii Mazunin skills at the World Championship in Massage 2021 in Wonderful Copenhagen.