Quiz – Pathology

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A kyphosis spine is one that has a:

2. The client informed you that the medial part of his body was in pain. Which part of his body was in pain?
3. Which of the following is a posterior pituitary hormone?
4. Which of the following is the function of the endocrine system’s parathyroid?
5. What body part is affected by carpal tunnel syndrome?
6. Which disease is a chronical inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract?
7. Which skin disorder is from the herpes virus?
8. A drug that reduces the bodys inflammatory response?
9. Which respiratory condition narrows bronchial tubes and causes breathing difficulties?
10. Hyperglycemia is?
11. The stomach protruding through the diaphragm is?
12. A hernia is?
13. Scoliosis is?
14. Lumbar curvation or swayback is which type of spine curvature?
15. How is a 3rd degree burn described?
16. What are gallstones formed from?
17. What is a risk factor of obesity?
18. Which thyroid hormone decreases blood calcium?
19. Skin does all of the following except?
20. Which best describes the way the blood goes through the heart from the lungs?
21. Which blood vessels are permeable to gases by diffusion?
22. Which describes the blood vessels known as veins?
23. Where is the location of the spleen?
24. Which tissue is used to contract the heart?
25. Which abductor muscle moves the scapula?
26. What is the function of a ligament?
27. A spiral fracture is?
28. Which is known as the respiratory systems common passage for air and food?
29. What is the function of the cortisol hormone?
30. What is the function of epinephrine?
31. The muscular system includes all of the following except?
32. Where is the liver located?
33. A callus is?
34. Skin excretes all of the following but?
35. Kidney trouble can cause problems with?
36. What shape is a kidney?
37. The nose, pharynx and larynx are part of the?